Who We Are

TechShoi is a responsible consumption-based multi-vendor marketplace where eco-friendly brands / suppliers/ manufacturers/ companies offer their sustainable products and lifestyle solutions to the consumers and business markets. TechShoi is the first e-commerce site based on eco-friendly product service/marketplace in Bangladesh to provide sustainable consumption choices to the customers. This is how TechShoi is providing simple solutions to 21st  century problems.TechShoi is solving the plastic pollution and climate change problem in this country. Our goal is to introduce sustainable and recyclable products that can replace plastics in various fields and reduce plastic contamination and work on the mitigation and adaptation of the climate crisis through building a responsible consumption practice in Bangladesh.

The problem we are trying to solve

TechShoi aims to solve the plastic pollution and climate change problem of our country. Our irresponsible consumption of plastic and non-environmentally friendly products is causing health and wellbeing issues such as cancer, immune system deficiencies, birth defects, increased waste, and carbon footprints, which are causing a disastrous change in our climate. As a result, global warming, new diseases, and environmental disasters are threatening our lives to be sustained on our mother earth.


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